SD Beertalk Radio Episode 100!

San Diego Beertalk Radio
Episode 100
Feb 20, 2017


We made it to episode 100!  Since this is 100, we made sure it was filled with past guests.  We are first joined by Brian Mitchell from Pariah Brewing.  He talks about how it is being just about a week old.  Brian talks more about how Beagle helped build the tasting room and how Beagle has his own chair.  After Mitchell leaves us, we are joined by Mike Maass and Shannon Lynnette from Burning Beard Brewing.  We get the exclusive announcement of their 1st anniversary party coming up on April 1st.  Beagle asked them about heir favorite moment since opening up.  Then we ask Shannon why she is co awesome.  We take a short break and come back with the news and some more special guests.

After the news we are joined by Alex Van Horne from Intergalactic Brewing, Ian Cheesman from West Coaster, and Will Keizer from Premier Stainless.  We get the scoop on Intergalactic’s anniversary, also coming up in April.  Alex has worked out four collaborations with other breweries for the party.  Also he released a little bit of information on some new cans he wants to come out with.  It’s possibly a direct draw into the cans, but there’s still a lot to figure out.  I bring up buying into the Craft Coalition with the San Diego Brewers Guild.  That moves into a conversation about the new regulations for breweries that have “pop-up tent” food vendors or catering companies.  We talk to Will and find out he has some cool new projects coming up, however since most of it is under NDA, we mainly find out breweries all over the world are buying from Premiere.  Luckily Ian doesn’t sign NDA’s for West Coaster so he lets us know about an article he is doing on gluten reduced and gluten free beers.

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