Hall of the Slain

Norse mythology tells of majestic Valhalla, or Hall of the Slain, where those who die in battle are guided by valkyries to join the throngs other brave kings and heroes before the throne of Odin. Much like the fallen soldiers of Asgard, memorialized here are the myriad rare and out-of-print Beardstuffs that have perished on the battlefield of limited editions and small-batch production, never to be sold again. May their greatness be forever memorialized in the Hall!


    Only 60 of these old-skool custom-printed skateboard decks were made. Inspired by the enigmatic designs coming out of Powell Peralta in the 1980’s, it featured a stylized Burning Beard “Hopskull,” gilded with a crown of golden barley and dank hop cones, and a standard Burning Beard insignia on the tail. Designed by the legendary Mike Weeks and printed on a throwback deck from Quincy Woodwrights,......