A statement from Burning Beard Brewing

As many of you know, an important dialog is happening right now in the craft brewing industry. Women from across the globe, including San Diego, are coming forward to tell their stories of harassment and abuse, bringing to light a serious problem that has remained unspoken for too long. While the scope and severity of accusations is broad and, at times, hard to measure, these stories are no less critical to this important conversation.

Last weekend, two such stories involving Burning Beard were shared on a public forum. We want this community to know that we take these allegations very seriously and we are investigating. Over the course of our history, we’ve endeavored to be a company that cherishes and champions a diverse and inclusive community of employees, customers, and partners, and a workplace that centers women in our shared story. We’ve succeeded in many respects, but many blind spots remain. It is our commitment to this community and our staff to treat all patrons and employees with decency, dignity, and respect; to root out unwelcome behavior where we find it; and to always seek ways to improve how we operate and manage the business.

And while this commitment is an important and necessary first step, we also recognize that commitment without action is not enough. To mitigate and avoid any potential missteps in the future, we are taking the following immediate actions:

Workplace Conduct Policy
We are implementing a comprehensive Workplace Conduct Policy, including the express prohibition all forms of harassment and discrimination, to add a much-needed accountability framework for all team members.

Customer Code of Conduct Policy
We are implementing a Customer Code of Conduct Policy to ensure all team members are protected, empowered, and supported when uncomfortable situations or harassment arise
in the workplace.

Incident reporting system for team members
We are implementing a mechanism to report incidents in a safe, timely, and comprehensive way.

Mandatory regular trainings
We are mandating regular trainings on sexual harassment prevention and bystander intervention for all team members.

Employee-guided discussion forum
We are holding an internal, employee-guided forum to continue this dialog and identify additional steps forward as a team.

These are the actions we can announce today, but clearly there is more work to do. We are committed to creating an environment that is open, inclusive, and welcoming, where we can grow, learn, and become the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be.