Burning Beard Brewing

The Circus

Jeff WiederkehrCo-Founder When I was young and wild(er) and my parents would find me with painted Gene Simmons face, doing mattress gymnastics while air-guitaring to God of Thunder, my dad would joke about finding me as a young boy working in a circus. He would tell me that he saved me from a life of high-wire acts, juggling, and bearded ladies. Little did he know, years...

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Storytelling at the Beard

Mike MaassCo-Founder All of us have a story to tell. You. Me. Your crazy aunt or uncle. At Burning Beard, we think that’s where the interesting stuff is. It’s in the story of our customers. It’s in the story of our great city. It’s in the story of our craft. We put storytelling at the heart of what we do here, and look to the storytellers...

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