Our approach to beer is simple: We brew the kind of beer we like to drink. From classic San Diego IPAs to funky floral Wild Ales, we pride ourselves on making top-notch beer in a variety of styles. Check out our flagship brews here, and check back often for news on our barrel-aged and Wild Ale program (coming soon).

Normcore Pils

Clean and refreshing, our approach to this time-honored lager style is one of simplicity. No fanciful, esoteric ingredients. No flimsy, thinning adjuncts. Just premium Continental malts, the finest Czech hops, and the purest water. Making normal cool again.

5.5% ABV

Starry Vere Belgian Wit

Named more for it’s alliterative quality than for its thematic relevance, Starry Vere is both a nod to Melville and a riff on one of our favorite rustic beer styles: the Belgian Witbier. Crisp and slightly tart, this ale shows what beauty can be found in simple, uncomplicated quality.

Banksy E.S.B.

With all the clever sophistication of an English masterpiece, yet cloaked in enigmatic simplicity, Banksy is an expression of both praxis and paradox. With a toasty, biscuity intro complemented by a subtle sweetness at the end, it’s a riddle in a glass. Experience the balance. Embrace dissent. Have a Banksy.

6% ABV | 30 IBU

Get Thee to a Nunnery Belgian Single Ale

Quoth Hamlet to Ophelia.
A style that rarely leaves the quiet halls of the Belgian monasteries where it is brewed, the single is an ale that Belgian monks traditionally keep for themselves. Our interpretation is for the common people—men and women alike—brewed with the finest malts of the region, using meticulous brewing methods worthy of a monastic brotherhood or Shakespearean sisterhood.

5% ABV

Rye the Lightning Session IPA

Beneath an unassuming pale straw exterior pounds the aromatic heart of Rye the Lightning. Rye malt lends just enough angst to this sessionable brew, accentuating its pungent hop aroma and ushering in a tirade of hop-and-malt flavor complexity. Rock on.

4.5% ABV | 45 IBU

Circle of Hops San Diego Pale Ale

Hoppy and refreshing with aroma to spare, Circle of Hops is a San Diego style pale ale of the highest order. With a piquant malt backbone, bright appearance, and robust finish, it’s a lovely quaff for a sunny day. The San Diego of beers.

5% ABV | 37 IBU

Dankness Visible IPA

Hops a-plenty bombard the olfactory senses in this deliciously dank offering. Added in multiple stages throughout production, ridiculous amounts of hops give this beer the bursting aroma and flavor that is the hallmark of the San Diego style.

7% ABV | 62 IBU

Hopmata IPA

The ultimate offering to humanity, Hopmata bears the marks a true West Coast IPA. Notes of citrus and pine accompany a balanced bitterness and a fresh, clean finish. Hold out your hands – receive the Hopmata.

7% ABV | 70 IBU

Holy the Voyd Coffee Stout

Borne of finely toasted malt and locally roasted coffee (from our friends at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters—check ‘em out!), this chasmic creation blends mankind’s dearest morning and nighttime elixirs to create a beverage that is holier than the sum of its parts.

6% ABV | 32 IBU

INGSOC Imperial Stout

From Burning Beard’s Ministry of Beer, Ingsoc is our imperial assault on your tastebuds. Brewed with enough roasty complexity to incite an Orwellian revolution, Ingsoc demands total submission to its dark authority. Party members and proles alike cannot escape Ingsoc’s ubiquitous gaze. The Ministry of Beer IS watching.

9% ABV | 82 IBU