Craft. Craftsman. Craftsmanship. These are words we hear a lot in the microbrewery world. At the Beard, craftsmanship—and the creative well from which it springs—is something we’ve tried to incorporate into every aspect of our business. Nowhere is this more evident than in our tasting room. From our taps to our tables to our beer, what you’ll find is we have a soft spot for the hand-made, and a palate for the hand-brewed.


Whether you’re stopping in for a quick flight, grabbing something to go,
or saddling up for the long haul, we’re serving up beer in way you’ll like.

True pint – Served in a tall Willi Becher style pub glass to ensure you get a full pour every time.

Tulip – Perfect for Belgian styles and high-gravity brews.

Taster – Just enough to find your favorite beer of the bunch.

Crowler – A freshly poured and sealed 32 oz. can of beer, straight off the tap and ready to roll.

Growler – A collector’s favorite, this 64 oz. refillable glass bottle proudly bears the custom logo of Burning Beard Brewing Company.

Have your own growler? We’d be happy to fill it for you. Just make sure it’s clean and any existing branding or logos are covered up.


What makes a top-notch beer even better? A top-notch atmosphere to enjoy it in. We’ve got a cool bar, two crazy 10-person tables constructed of 100-year-old Julian gold mine pumps, a corner booth, a custom-curated juke box, and several window-side tabletops looking into the brew house, cellar, and barrel room. What’s not to like?


Mankind’s creative well springs deep, and from it flows the most profound of human expressions. The Burning Beard jukebox is a testament to the most lyrical, loud, menacing, melodic, distorted, disillusioned, noisy, nonsensical, earnest, engrossing, exquisite, and musical expression of them all: Song.

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