Building Our Brand

Mike Maass



San Diego is beer country. Good recipes and flawless execution are table stakes in America’s Finest City. Besides having a lineup of delicious beers, nice tasting room, and great customer service, we also know that having a strong and recognizable brand is paramount to carving out a place for ourselves in the SD craft beer marketplace. To articulate our identity—who we are from a business, psychological, and emotional standpoint—we’ve adopted some of the finest tools in content strategy and brand development, and are working with some top-notch creative professionals.

Design Persona – Aaron Walter’s design persona framework is the linchpin of our identity work. We’ve used the framework to capture the personality of our brand and define the voice & tone of our messaging, personality traits, visual design elements, and engagement methods. The task of thoughtfully articulating your brand is super helpful in understanding what you want from your business, who your customers are, and how you can best meet their needs. It is also a great way to capture everyone’s ideas (Jeff and me) and ensure that we’re both on the same page with our brand direction and ethos. Additionally, it’s a handy primer that we can share with prospective employees, clients, and partners to help them understand who we are and where we’re coming from.

Marketing Strategy – To guide or marketing strategy and rollout, we’ve teamed up with Suzanne Frontz, President of Metz & Associates. Suzanne has been instrumental in helping us understand the market and how we can differentiate ourselves from the pack. Really fortunate to have found Suzanne.

Logo and Creative Design – After reviewing a host of California agencies and design shops from San Diego to the Bay Area, we’re excited to be partnering with Michael David Weeks to build out our branding and visual identity. An Encinitas based design shop, MDW boasts an impressive portfolio of logo development, skateboard art, and beer & wine label design. In addition to graphics and illustrations, MDW does a helluva’ job with hand-drawn lettering. Can’t wait to see what Mike comes up with.

Photography – It’s good to know people. It’s really good to know awesomely talented people who are happy to do whatever it takes to help you get your brewery off the ground. Such is the case with my good friend and photographer Start at Stuart Gardner Photography. A true craftsman with a camera, Stuart will be shooting our photography and videos, and will undoubtedly be instrumental in documenting the ongoing story of The Beard.

Website Design and Development – Like creative design agencies, there is no shortage of talented and qualified web developers in San Diego. Between Jeff and me, there are probably dozens of abundantly capable devs who could build a site for us and do a terrific job. Add to this the myriad do-it-yourself services available, and settling on just one is quite the challenge. I actually tried my hand at three such services—WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace—and found them all to be relatively easy to use. I probably had the most luck with Squarespace, which user-friendly, intuitively designed, and free to mess around with. But, just as I found with the others, my web design and development skills go only so far, and before I know it I’ve reached the horizon of what I can accomplish without spending hours and hours or trial and error figuring out the next step. Those are hours I don’t have. So, we’re on the hunt for a capable web dev who’s ready to build us a kickass site.

Looking for creative resources for an upcoming project? Give us a shout. We’re happy to share our thoughts and experiences working with the fine folks above.