Critic’s Picks: San Diego’s Best Beer 2018

San Diego Magazine
April 24, 2018
By Bruce Glassman

Beer columnist Bruce Glassman looks at the 15 brews that have created the longest-lasting impression since May 2017


Devil Went Down to Georgia American Strong Ale
Aged in bourbon barrels, this beer is a life-changing experience. Deep, rich flavors of caramel, bourbon, and peach are elevated by Brettanomyces notes and black tea.

Mikhail Espresso Russian Imperial Stout
Aged in bourbon barrels, this thick, decadent, vanilla-tinged beer pours like a liquid dessert.

Liquid A/C English-Style Summer Ale
Memorable both for its depth of flavor and its simplicity, this unique summer quaffer lands somewhere between a Mexican lager and a lighter, toastier pale ale.

Apricot and Blackberry D’Brücke Berliner Weisses
The brilliant colors of these two beers are a feast for the eyes, while the fresh fruit flavors, floral aromas, and perfect tartness levels are a treat for the nose and mouth.

A rare and ancient style that uses a mixture of herbs instead of hops; a truly memorable beer that expands the palate and blows the mind.

Glazed Imperial Pastry Stout
This chocolatey, roasty, coffee-tinged beer has all the elements you want in a dark, malty brew, with a depth of flavor that makes it taste as if you’re drinking right out of a donut box.

Phantom Bride IPA
It’s challenging for an IPA to make you stand up and take notice, but this beer does. Highly tropical on the nose, with juicy, citrusy hop flavors that provide the right bite.

Fathom IPA
A perfect blend of citrus notes and pine make this perfectly balanced, slightly bitter beer super easy to drink.

Sea Señor Mexican-Style Lager
Toasty bread and corn flakes on the nose enhance this crisp, clean beer that utilizes a subtle hoppiness to create great balance.

Woofle Dust Apricot American Golden Sour Ale
Aged in oak foeders (giant barrels), this complex wild ale offers a stunning variety of flavors, from stone fruit to lightly toasted biscuits to classic Brett funkiness.

Highbinder Feral Raspberry Ale
The pungent raspberry aroma and deliciously tart fruit elevate this funky wild ale to a special place. Just the right level of oak and yeastiness, this is a beer for contemplation.

Barrel-Aged Zumbar Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout
The regular version of this beer is so good, it’s hard to believe you can make it any better, but putting it in bourbon barrels brings this rich, chocolatey, heady beer to a whole other level.

Super Schwarz German Black Lager
Few breweries in town do this roasty, malty yet somewhat light-bodied lager style. Eppig does it perfectly.

San Diego Vice with Pink Guava Berliner Weisse
Big guava aromas on the nose with the perfect balance of tartness and fruitiness make this beer an all-summer sipper.

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