Delinquents Club


Come ye miscreants, minstrels, beer nerds, and barflies! Come ye troubadours, punks, thespians, and metal heads! We are distinguished delinquents, and so are you! Join us in our raucous celebration of community, carousal, and craft beer!


Fellowship of the Beard

Humans are communal creatures. From the earliest days of our evolution we’ve banded together to explore and experience the world around us. From the plains of Africa to ancient Mesopotamia to the Inca to the Victorians to today, our drive to coalesce and converge is a defining mark of our character. Just how we organize ourselves varies, yet at the core of each ensemble is humankind’s unyielding spirit of community. For us at the Beard, the Delinquents Club is a unique kind of community – one where delinquents from all walks of life can enjoy an artfully crafted beer while finding respite, repose, engaging conversation, and a good laugh in the company of their fellow miscreants. May craft beer and community be the ties that bind us all!

Membership Details

Distinguished Delinquents membership commences June 1, 2022.
Membership season is June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023.
Your membership includes:

Distinguished Benefits & Plunder

  • 5 small-batch, limited release BBA or Vellocet Wild Ale bottles*
  • Collectible Distinguished Delinquents swag (Stay tuned for details!)
  • Distinguished Delinquents sticker
  • Distinguished Delinquents membership card
  • Stein pours on flagship beers
  • Growler & crowler fills on small batch beers
  • 10% discount on Beard merch
  • 1 birthday draft beer on the house
  • Advance purchase of events and bottle releases
  • Member-only events, promos, and more

* Release dates, beer, and variations are at the sole discretion of the Beard and subject to change
** Due to COVID-19 delays, Delinquents plunder will be available for pickup starting 8/1/2021

Oddities & Aberrations

Your cooperation with the niceties hereby described is both appreciated and compulsory:


  • 21+ ONLY
  • Membership season is June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023
  • No shipping; benefits and plunder must be picked up at the Beard tasting room
  • To cancel your membership, please notify us in writing at: delinquents @ burningbeardbrewing dot com
  • One membership per person
  • Delinquents must show their membership card and ID for member events, stein pours, and privileges
  • Stein fills cannot be shared with or given to family, friends, or anyone else
  • High gravity beers may not be available for a full stein pour
  • Bottles must be picked up within 3 months of release date
  • Bottles not retrieved before specified dates will be surrendered back to the Beard
  • Bottles received through membership are not for resale
  • Release dates, beers, and events subject to change
  • Discounts apply only to purchases made by you
  • All Delinquents are expected to be distinguished by their courtesy, kindness, and overall respect for all Beardfolk and fellow Beard patrons
  • Burning Beard retains the right, at our sole and unconditional discretion, to cancel your membership at any time without refund
  • Members can contact the Beard at any time at: punkspeare @

Punkspeare, Torchbearer of the Delinquents

An iconic figure with a rebel chic, Punkspeare is a confluence of the classical and contemporary artists and forms that inspire us. Punkspeare is witty and well-spoken, yet down to earth. He tells great stories and makes people laugh. Self-deprecating humor is not below him. Punkspeare enjoys a pint and a conversation and is known to draw thought-provoking parallels between great beer and literature, life, music & the arts. Punkspeare is an everyman’s hero and the most distinguished delinquent of the lot.