Do Me a Flavor

Do Me a Flavor
New Beers to Cheers, July 21, 2016
By Brandon Hernández



Session ales — beers that are big on flavor but low enough in alcohol that they can be enjoyed in great quantity over the course of, say, a ballgame, pub-crawl or 2-year-old’s birthday party — are all the rage. Many are simple takes on pale ales and IPAs. So is this one, but the addition of rye lends biting spiciness to an already floral, restrainedly bitter hop profile, making for an impressive beer that shows what session ales are all about.

Burning Beard Brewing Company

785 Vernon Way, El Cajon




Since the late ’90s, Stone Brewing has used the voice of its imaginary (yet forceful) brand spokesperson, Arrogant Bastard, to express the company’s Big Beer-denigrating tagline, “fizzy yellow beer is for wussies.” Now, Arrogant Brewing is creating its own fizzy, yellow beer — a pilsner with extra hop appeal.

Arrogant Brewing

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