Wild Ale Cellar

Our Vellocet Wild Ales are an homage to Anthony Burgess, author of the 1962 dystopian classic, A Clockwork Orange. An epic polyglot, Burgess used conventional word forms and linguistic techniques to create wholly new dialectical structures. A nod to Burgess, Vellocet uses only the finest ingredients, combined with traditional brewing techniques, to create something truly more intriguing than the sum of its parts.

Coolship Series

Wild Ales brewed and fermented in the traditional Belgian way, using an open-air coolship and positive-pressure vent to inoculate the wort with naturally occurring yeast and bacteria.

Brulanta Series

Wild Ales dosed with our in-house mixed culture, Brulanta Metio.
Brulanta Metio exhibits notes of pear and pineapple with a pleasant funk and light acidity. Initially harvested from a home-brewed coolship ale.

Scripted Series

Wild Ales dosed with one or more commercially available Brettanomyces yeast strains and or bacteria.

Unscripted Series

Wild Ales spontaneously fermented after being exposed to the air, fruit, or our resident barrel organisms.