Everything You Need to Know About the Delinquents Club Launch on June 1

Friends of the Beard!

It’s hard to believe, but the launch of the Distinguished Delinquents club is just around the corner.

To make sure you’re able to sign up and become a member of the inaugural class, here are the important things you need to know.


Online ONLY
Memberships may be purchased through our online store only (not in the tasting room). You’ll need to create an account and designate a proxy at that time, so be sure to have that info ready, along with a valid credit card. Pro Tip: Our site is mobile-friendly, but we recommend a computer or laptop.

One membership per person
The robot overlords allow only one membership in the shopping cart at a time. If you want to purchase multiple memberships—say, one for you and a friend—purchase them separately. Memberships can’t be shared or transferred.

Check your email
Once you’ve signed up, watch your inbox for an email confirming your membership. Hang onto this email because you’ll need it to grab your swag on June 8.

Grab your swag starting Friday, June 8, 2018
Now that you’re a member, it’s time to relax. Just chill, knowing that the Beardfolk are diligently assembling your package in anticipation of your majestic arrival on Friday, June 8. Don’t rush to the Beard before then to get your stuff —it won’t be ready yet. If you do, we’ll have plenty of beer and high-fives for you instead.

Membership is limited to 250 souls
To keep the club manageable and intimate, membership is limited this year to 250 people.

Membership details
We’ll be in touch regarding your 2018 bottle pick-up, member-only events, and other perks. For the lowdown on what the club’s about, what’s included, and all the fine print, check out the Delinquents Club page.

Up the Beard!

Yours truly,