The Circus

Jeff Wiederkehr



When I was young and wild(er) and my parents would find me with painted Gene Simmons face, doing mattress gymnastics while air-guitaring to God of Thunder, my dad would joke about finding me as a young boy working in a circus. He would tell me that he saved me from a life of high-wire acts, juggling, and bearded ladies. Little did he know, years later, I would willingly branch out on my own to join the circus of small business ownership and brewers.

It is funny, thinking back on all of the circus jokes, because there are so many similarities. It began with the high-wire act of an SBA loan secured by a home that took everything to get into (not to mention the retirement accounts that Mike and I drained). Once the loan was secured, the juggling began. It is constant juggling of resources: time, money, kids, wife, two jobs, plans, planners, brewing. Best of all, however, the bearded ladies (who, for some reason, always seem to have Yak horns [and are quite frightening]) have ultimately been supplanted by the ubiquitous bearded homebrewer. And who could fear a man whose hobby is sharing beer?

Ok. Back to juggling. I am indeed back in the circus.

I need to find the Gene Simmons face painting booth.

*queuing up Kiss’s Destroyer*