Up, up, and away

Mike Maass



Bags packed—check.

Mail on hold—check.

Chicken, tortoises, and freedom garden managed—check.

Flight check-in—check.

It’s our first trip out of San Diego since taking the leap into brewery startup land. My dad, whose punctuality is unfailing and oftentimes one step ahead of itself even, arrives in expected 15-minutes-early fashion, smiling and ready to take on the day. My wife and daughter, beautiful as always, are especially vibrant this morning, if not a little nervous about the 3-hour flight. As for me, I’m a little distracted, up early to button up loose ends and send last minute emails. Still, I’m ready to put it aside for a week and embark on our trip to Chicago, or what I like to call our “Midwest Getaway.” I gotta be honest. It feels a little weird boarding a plane for Chicago in the midst of the craziness and commotion that is a brewery startup. But despite the many loose ends that remain—many many loose ends—I think I’ve got the basics covered, at least for the next week-and-a-half that I’ll be gone.