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By James Murren
January 17, 2021

The other morning, I spent a little time goofing around with what came out to be a logo of sort for MTBeer. Stickers will eventually be made and sent out to subscribers. Keep you posted on what the final product looks like and as to when they’re available. Here’s the result of my first ever attempt at trying to make a logo:

Going all the way back to the late 1990s, I first dabbled in editing/design while working with a team of fellow volunteers on a Peace Corps/Honduras newsletter. Then I made a very rough cut copy book version of my writings from that time, using a photocopier and a stapler. Continuing along, I put together an e-newsletter using MS Publisher for a university job, set up websites and blogs, and eventually gathered a bunch more of my travel/work writings and turned them into books. It’s a creative process that I enjoy.

Next up: I plan to take all content here at MTBeer and turn it into a hardcopy/print publication at the end of the year. With today’s online templates, it’s not too difficult to do. The goal is to have something like the look and “feel” of The Surfer’s Journal. MTBeer 2021/Year 1 will be a single bound copy that is free to all Founder subscribers and all paid subscribers will get a discount rate to purchase it. I’ve yet to figure any of this out (copyright/pricing, etc), but it popped into my head while riding last week and well, it means I have to do it now.

Rides: Living in San Diego affords year-round riding on various surfaces. From mile-high pine/oak forests to the farthest reaches of the Colorado desert to coastal canyons, it’s all here. Last week I rode one of my favorite places: Pinyon Mountain Road and the surrounding two-tracks. It’s a great place to wander. More coming on riding the vast Anza-Borrego desert.

Riding the Lagunas, a little winter here-and-there was present:

Mountain Biking is a Political Act: It seems that it’s taken on its own life. That column here on MTBeer is on a cosmic and cerebral trip around the internetosphere. Good! It led to another phone conversation, this time with a mountain bike hall of famer who shall remain nameless at this point. I mention his/her status because of the respect I have for him/her and the vote of confidence s/he gave me. The take away for me is that s/he encouraged me to keep writing the Fully Rigid column, that the mountain biking community needs to hear/read such things. I was surprised by his/her positive words and a request that I do not stop doing it/the column. Honestly, it’s the kind of thing writers need to hear from time to time. Fully Rigid and No Dabs are monthly columns available only here on MTBeer.

Have you heard?

Rim Tours is now offering bikepacking lessons/tours:

Doom and Lizzy are embarking on a bikeraft guide project:

Sea Otter Classic 2021 dates are set:

Pilsners: My understanding is that Pilsner beers originated in what today is the Czech Republic, in the city of Pilsen. From there, the Germans crafted their own style. A pale lager, they are great for a post ride relax session, sitting and eating and watching the sun’s rays cast shadows.

Generally speaking, German pilsners are lighter in color than Czech pilsners, the former being more on the dry/crisp side. Variations exist. East county San Diego’s Burning Beard Brewing Company has both styles right now, equally tasty in their own respective ways. Other pilsners I appreciate: Victory Prima Pils and Troeg’s Sunshine Pils, both from Pennsylvania.

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