Week 1 Under Our Belt!

Mike Maass



This time last week we were biting our nails, hoping we’d pass final inspection, receive our Certificate of Occupancy, and finally open the Beard. Well, as you now know, everything came together and we were able to open our doors at 3:00 PM on Leap Day, 2016.

The week that followed was a whirlwind of friends, family, new and returning customers, and a whole lotta’ cold beer flowing. Our opening lineup—Dankness Visible IPA, Hopmata IPA, Holy the Voyd Coffee Stout, and INGSOC Russian Imperial Stout—has been well received.

In addition to opening our doors and pouring our starting lineup, we also brewed a couple of additional beers: Pilsner and Belgian Single. Look for these on or around our Grand Opening on April 1, 2016 (no kidding!).

As Week 2 rolls around, keep an eye out for MexiCoast Grill, who’ll be serving up some tasty tacos and other Mexican fare starting Wednesday (3/9). And if you’re looking for something to do Saturday 3/12, we’ll be pouring our first beer fest at the El Cajon Craft Beer Invitational, from 12-4 PM in Downtown El Cajon. Hit the beer fest, and then roll over to the Beard for a taco and a pint!

By all accounts, Week 1 surpassed our expectations and was a smashing success. A big, sincere THANK YOU to all our friends and family for coming out to support us. And a huge WELCOME to all our new customers. It’s a real pleasure meeting all of you, and we’re looking forward to meeting many more of you in the months and years ahead.

Up the Beard!