Wow, that was incredible! (VIDEO)

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Grand Opening of the Beard. We can say without hesitation that the whole experience FAR surpassed our expectations. So many smiling faces. So many nice and humbling comments. So many beers poured and enjoyed. There were Beard regulars and Beard first-timers. Locals and out-of-owners. Casual connoisseurs and industry insiders. Fellow brewers brought with them not only the customary hoppy, bubbly, growler-ly, congratulatory fruits of their labor, but also their advice, support, and commiseration. Folks from all walks of life were rockin’ the Beard. What a cool community of people. For us, that’s success. Bringing together our fellow humans to enjoy one another’s company, have a beer and a laugh, and just be people.

Thanks again, folks – it’s a real pleasure serving you.

Up the Beard!

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